Being out in a rural area, we don’t have the luxury of gigabit internet much less 60mbps so bandwidth is a precious commodity around these parts. Often I’m working from home downloading performance data or uploading mass amounts of data for analysis and I can’t afford to wait 2 days to get it done. After pulling my hair out, I managed to find some cli wizardry to kick off certain MAC addresses off my router. The code is below – simply update the MAC address section and run it as root on your OpenWRT router (I’m using a TP-LINK Archer C7 running Chaos Calmer and this works perfectly so your milage may vary.) ubus call hostapd.wlan0 del_client ‘{“addr”:”INSERT MAC HERE”,[…]

When I first joined EMC (Over two months ago! wow…), I have to say I was honestly irritated with the “buy vs build” argument. Yeah VCE and tightly designed systems are awesome and all, but that’s not for me – *I know how to put this stuff together, why do I need you? * As a VMware and storage team manager, that was my job. I bought stuff and put it together and voila! you have servers. Life is good, we have servers!  BUT, we weren’t fast enough. Procurement delays outstanding, just getting everything put together and ready for our internal customers took time. They had shifting projects and priorities and that certainly made our job tougher. WHY are we beating[…]

June 23, 2016 started my career with EMC as an Enterprise Core SE. I’ve never done anything sales related before in my life unless you count selling candy bars for school fundraisers, but let’s be honest – that doesn’t count at all. What attracted me to EMC was the culture and the sheer innovation in the industry right now. 6 years ago the iPad launched and it rocked the world and it continues to innovate today. Businesses are having to flip their IT departments upside down to engage customers. Some companies have adapted, but many haven’t. For consumers they’ve never known the place IT has in a business, but if your app doesn’t “just work” good luck getting them to[…]

tldr; you should probably git Since I started using git and now GitHub in September, I have to say it is quite life changing. I’ve created a few repositories that I use for some configuration items and I found that it really allows me to tinker with my system and other things much easier. Previously I used to have countless tabs open in gedit/geany and struggle to keep whatever I was breaking in some sort of order. Now I can check out whatever I’m working on, break it, discard the changes and I’m back to a known state or if by some stroke of luck I get expected results, I check it in and commit. While I can’t manage to[…]

I’ve been using PowerShell quite a bit in the past few months for various tasks, such as mass Storage vMotion, snapshot reporting as well as some other tasks and have found it to be invaluable and I learn more every day. It reminds me of AppleScript, but much more useful. Since nearly everything MS related has cmdlets, it is worth learning and sharing. Lately, I’ve been wanting to learn Git for version control so I figured theres no better time to learn. I’ve started a GitHub repository that I plan on using to share my scripts and bits. I’ll most likely move my other “projects” into GitHub too as I continue to learn how to manage it. So without further[…]

I just installed the latest testing version of Crunchbang (crunchbang-11-20120806-amd64) and the first thing that came to mind is polished. On my Thinkpad T61, this is considerably faster than the previous version. As far as customizations, I had to move the tint2 bar down to the bottom, kill any compositing (just not for me) upgrade Iceweasel via and copy some configs over. All in all 2 hours of work and I’m back /home. I am trying something new though; I’ve decided to redo my partition layout for easier backups and upgrades later on: 160gb SATA Disk / 10gb swap 4gb /home 15gb /data 131gb My only quibble is that Banshee still doesn’t work right and I can’t figure it[…]