Posted on Nov 1, 2019

Power Armor

My latest Raspberry Pi project has been focused on listening to music and I’ve come across the fantastic moOde Audio Player. It is an open source distribution dedicated to listening to music via mpd and offers an awesome web based ui, but you can also use 3rd party apps such as Rigelian or even ncmpcpp if you are into cli tools. My current setup is using a Raspberry Pi3 B+ with Edimax wifi adapter and JustBoom DAC HAT all contained in a HighPi Raspberry Pi Case.

Installation is pretty straight forward, simply download the latest release, write it to SD and boot it up – be sure to follow the instructions on GitHub. Once you have your library added, you may want to add some scripts to add some functionality. In my case, the library is hosted over an NFS share and I have changed the options to rw (read/write) instead of ro (read only) so I can copy the local playlists over to my NAS:

cp /var/lib/mpd/playlists/* /mnt/NAS/Music/_playlists/
mpc update _playlists

In terms of a high-fi player, this project is very active and is an awesome way of rediscovering your old music if you have a long-forgotten library and have since moved on to Spotify or something else.