Out with the old, in with the new

Posted on May 23, 2020

After thinking about my blogging history, I was really enjoying going through the history of tools for blogging. I used nearly every tool available starting off by using FrontPage and then Greymatter and b2 before WordPress was even born! I even tried MovableType, but that was a nightmare. But while looking at all of these tools, the obvious favorites were the ones that generated static content. Greymatter tried, but it wasn’t fast and was prone to breaking. Then we moved on to b2 and then WordPress but if you really look at the history it was a security nightmare. Enter Hugo. I’ve been researching static site generators lately and Hugo seems to be a sound choice so far. The control and the low barrier of entry for actual writing is key for me. The thought of using the WordPress app is really just anxiety inducing and not fun. I already use a variety of platforms throughout the day and having a simple text editor is perfect instead of having to rely on a specific application. I have folders of Markdown formatted notes, so it makes thought sharing simple. This also fits in well with my love of archiving - having simple, durable file formats is really future-proof. So here we are and expect more posts. The barrier has been lowered.