ArchiveBox iOS Shortcuts

Posted on May 31, 2020

As I’ve continued my quest to download the internet using ArchiveBox, I wanted a mechanism to quickly add links to my archive, but since my main machine is either my iPhone or iPad, there wasn’t a simple way to have ArchiveBox grab a new URL especially as it is a remote machine running in Digital Ocean (selfish referral link). Because I have normally just used cat to feed my archive a text file, it made sense to just start appending URLs to a text file. So I’ve created a super-simple iOS Shortcut to do just that. The shortcut accepts URLs, adds them to a list to sanitize the URL and then via ssh echo "URL" >> myarchivelist.txt I tried just setting the URL as the variable but it was weird so here we are. From there, it is up to you to run the archive process whether that is manually or scheduled via cron. I’d suggest watching your processing times if you have a large archive so you don’t overrun any existing jobs- my archive generally takes 45 minutes to run.

Download the iOS Shortcut and adjust accordingly.