I just installed the latest testing version of Crunchbang (crunchbang-11-20120806-amd64) and the first thing that came to mind is polished. On my Thinkpad T61, this is considerably faster than the previous version. As far as customizations, I had to move the tint2 bar down to the bottom, kill any compositing (just not for me) upgrade Iceweasel via mozilla.debian.net and copy some configs over. All in all 2 hours of work and I’m back /home. I am trying something new though; I’ve decided to redo my partition layout for easier backups and upgrades later on: 160gb SATA Disk / 10gb swap 4gb /home 15gb /data 131gb My only quibble is that Banshee still doesn’t work right and I can’t figure it[…]

General list of apps I use on my Ubuntu desktop: thunderbird – great email client banshee – quite possibly the best music/media player out there vlc – this can play any movie you throw at it transmission-daemon – great for running transmission when you aren’t logged in to the machine ushare – unpn/dlna media server – works great with xbox 360 filezilla – personal favorite ftp client pidgin – empathy sucks gnome-do – this helped me transfer finger memory from OS X gparted – I am a storage guy – I format and look at things. ssh – is there anything ssh can’t do? ubuntu-restricted-extras – youtube is boring without flash xchat – for when I’m feeling extra creepy vpnc[…]

I’ve had the latest version of Ubuntu installed for a few days now and I believe I can sum it up in one word: polished. This release has been the most stable and least troublesome yet. I’ve noticed that 9.10 my wireless connection would take ~10 seconds to connect, in Lucid it is nearly instantaneous. The boot time is considerably faster which is saying a lot as the boot time was slashed from 9.04 to 9.10. The new “me” menu is a nice addition and the overall look and feel is very nice. I must say, I was a bit confused about why they moved the minimize, maximize and close buttons to the left though, but after a day or[…]